dug wilders – architectural and commercial photography


Who I am

I am a professional freelance photographer dedicated to producing the highest quality architectural, commercial and interior property photography for the building and design industry. Feel free to explore the site and view a selection of the images I have produced for various clients across the country…

What I do

After 10 years as a professional photographer I have a huge wealth of experience in various fields of photography. About 5 years ago whilst living in New Zealand I took the leap away from a generic photographer and started specialising in commercial and architectural photography. Since then I've been building my style, equipment and enthusiasm for this area and plan on doing this for a long time yet.

How I work

Hear what someone I work for regularly says -

Dug is not only a superb photographer but friendly and professional with us and all our clients. The photography is arranged promptly, the editing is first class and the results are always excellent. Dug regularly goes beyond what is expected of him and I would always recommend his services

Timothy Venn
Estate Agent - Eadon Lockwood & Riddle





I will work with a client in a way that suits them, some like to take more control over a project with specific ideas, and others like to hand it all over to me, I enjoy working either way. I work well with clients, with a professional attitude and with flexibility that means I can work around your time frame




I photograph for clients most days of the year, but also for myself as I enjoy the feeling I get when I create something I’m proud of, I don’t just do it to pay the bills. I will leave my portfolio to speak for my quality.



I believe editing is as important as shooting, I usually spend longer looking through and editing images than I do shooting. I edit on a variety of platforms, but mainly using Photoshop and Lightroom. I work closely with an independent printer based in the UK for when a client wants a physical copy.



I deliver my images via on-line transfer available to download anywhere in the world in a format that suits you, whether that is large files being used for a billboard, or smaller images you would like to put straight onto your new website. I pride myself on not only delivering high quality images but also service, and am always ready on the other end of the phone for any queries a client has.

I would be more than happy to have a chat about an idea you have or a project you are part of.