architectural photography

Capturing the light and feel of a building is something I have been doing for over 10 years, however being a ‘young’ photographer means I approach a shoot with an attentive eye and a drive to produce something original and exciting. With each structure something new is learnt, each holds a new challenge to overcome, whether it’s tricky light, the busy nature of a public building or just trying to do justice to something stunning. I am based in South Yorkshire which gives me great access across the country, having worked recently in London, Cambridge, Yorkshire and the North east.

this 9 bedroom property on the lake front in Queenstown New Zealand had some attractive aspects, and a huge price tag to match

a lunch time shot in the rain of a buisness man walking in front of a large office building

Working in New Zealand was where I first started my profession specialising in architectural photography, and Queenstown in the South Island is a hub for great design. The local tourist industry and Australia’s strong economy has thrown a lot of money into this area and produced some stunning examples of free design. Since then I have worked mainly in the UK and Europe, both for clients and for myself.

hemispheric in Valencia in all it's glory in October 2015 taken with a very expensive lens