Personal Work

I’d like to say that whenever I get the chance I’m out with my camera, but this would not be entirely true. Having said that since starting to take photography seriously with rolls of film when I was studying A level photography in 2001 I have taken quite a few photographs. Looking back at most of that work makes me cringe, but I assume this is pretty normal.

I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a lot of the world, from living abroad for 3 years, to now spending as much time travelling U.K, Europe and further afield as much as we can. I spend a lot of time hiking and camping around the U.K. with my wife and springer spaniel Pip. We also like to still travel the world as much as possible, and I always try and capture the wildlife and landscapes.

For the photography enthusiasts I carry a Canon 5d Mark IV, a Canon 100-400mm Mark II USM, a 17 mm tilt shift, and a 16-35mm Mark II USM. I always carry either a travel or trigger grip heavier Manfrotto tripod


Argentina 2019

Argentina has been on the top of the hit list for my wife and I for many years. Having been lucky enough to travel around the world to some great places this was the last continent (Antartica not included!) we had yet to visit. Unfortunately due to my wife’s job as a teacher, the easter holidays meant we had just 2 weeks to see as much as possible. We managed to visit a lot of the country in the two weeks, but these images all came from Patagonia, one of the most outrageously beautiful places. 

British Columbia, Canada 2018



India 2018



Farne Isle’s, U.K 2018




South Africa, Cape Town & Kruger 2017



Miscellaneous from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the U.K