Portfolio part two


{Sept 28th – Sweat! Gym}

Last week I spent the morning at a brand new gym in Sheffield’s city centre  for an exciting company trying to do something different, and I believe they have. It looks great, and the 3 hours I’d put aside for the shoot went like a flash. It almost convinced me to get a membership – but being a fell runner my dog wouldn’t have allowed it… The brief was to produce a large selection of bright and bold imagery to show off the light and inviting feeling the place has.





{Sept 22nd – De Boer Ltd. – Barnsley Markets}

I spend a lot of time travelling the country visiting buildings, so to head over to Barnsley is a short trip. De Boer asked me to get some publicity shots of their newest creation – the Barnsley Markets. De Boer are an international company who specialise in temporary structures, but this building looked anything but temporary. A unique use of materials, colours and styles has created a great centre piece for an up and coming town. The brief was to show off every aspect of the building both inside and out, and after a couple of hours wandering around the building, and getting the locals to help me find some good vantage points I was happy with the results, and I was quickly told so were the clients.

barnsley, market, markets, south yorkshire, temporary

aeriel shot, wide angle, market

signage, details

market internal, inside markets, indoor markets, barnsley markets

whole building, tilt shift, uk, yokshire

yellow building, orange building, metal cladding, light well

panoramic, building panoramic, wide building, long building

{Sep 9th – Sports Direct Ltd.}

In the past two weeks I’ve driven hundreds of miles to fulfil this commission. Head of marketing had asked me to get some shots of their newly refurbished stores. They wanted some bold images to show the scale of the stores, which are huge. With the stores needing to be shot before opening 7am starts in Oxford Street and Piccadilly London, Gateshead and St Helens, meant lots of sunrise drives with the company of some podcasts and my dog Pip.

sports direct, shop, shop interior, store interior, sports shop, oxford street, sports direct oxford street

sunglasses, sports direct sunglasses, product photography

sports direct gateshead

sports direct watches, watches, watch photography, tommy hilfiger watches

sports direct, shop, shoe shop, interior shop, shop interior

{Aug 25th – The Property People Ltd.}

Improving someone’s portfolio is always nice for me, there’s not usually a strict brief – just make the place look good. Working in Manchester is always fun as I don’t do much out west, but always exciting getting to know a new area.

dining table, interior, apartment

Ashton, manchester, apartment block, new build

apartment block, flats, tilt shift

tilt shit, canon 17mm, 17mm canon ts, manchester

{August – A selection of residential}

I get to spend some of my time photographing some great looking homes, from the modern to the historic. Each presents it’s own challenge, and sometimes the most valuable can be the most difficult, whether it be because of the size of the rooms or in older properties the lack of natural light to play with. Whenever I think I’ve seen the last that will impress me I’m always surprised to see I’m wrong. Over 2000 properties in and here are just a few from the past month.

spiral staircase

landing, skylight, skylights

suite, bedroom suite, large bedroom, massive bedroom

white kitchen, modern kitchen, kitchen, open plan

{16th July – The Alps}

Another trip where my photography equipment took the space of my smarter clothes (much to the disappointment of my other half). Didn’t spend as much time with my camera on this quick trip to Switzerland but did find a stunning little chapel, and the view from the balcony we were staying at wasn’t bad either…

chatel, france, alps, french alps, storm, landscape photography

chateaux, chateau, switzerland, montreux, chapel

switzerland, montreux, chapel, chateau

plane trail, black and white, vertical landscape

{22nd June – Beavers Croft holiday home}

Spending a few days at a great looking holiday home in the Peak District was not much of a hardship, especially one with as much character as this one – Beavers croft. Situated in a secluded spot on the bank of Derwent reservoir and bathed in sunlight I tried to capture the feel of the place with both still and moving images. Hopefully I did it justice.

deers head,

firewood, wood, chopped wood

lifestyle, beautiful homes

vertical panorama, tilt shift, interior photography, beavers croft, beaver croft

outside table, reflection, exterior, garden photography

Beavers Croft, peak district, property photographer, external

{25 February – Sheffield University’s new building}

Having watched Sheffield change so much since moving here 10 years ago it doesn’t get any less exciting when you see an original piece of architecture appear. It’s great to see Sheffield moving in the right direction.

contemporary, modern, architecture

sheffield, architecture, glass, unversity


{3rd Dec – A day shooting Bicester Village, Oxfordshire}

It’s not often I’m asked to travel 5 hours to shoot some toilets, and although I didn’t question it, I was imagining what I could do to make some shopping centre toilets look good, that is until I saw these… Clearly I hadn’t been to Bicester Village before.

a new refurbishment at Bicester Village in Oxfordshire, I wanted to show the quality of the build and also the extra lengths they went to
fantastic lighting in this long corridor leading to the toilets at Bicester Village Oxford
a lot of attention needed in the post edit on Photoshop to remove myself in this photograph of some toilets
IMG_1512 copy

{17th Nov – A word about the importance of a camera}

I often speak to people who ask me what camera I have, because some people believe a brilliant camera produces brilliant imagery, this is as true as saying an expensive saw will make someone a brilliant carpenter, or the best calculator will make someone a great mathematician, it doesn’t. I spent the first year at university photographing for different companies doing odd photography jobs, and I did it all on a very basic consumer Nikon I’d “borrowed” from university (I did eventually give it back). A good camera is important to offer the flexibility that is needed in some situations, such as when you experience low light levels, difficult light sources that effect the white balance, or if you just want pin sharp imagery, but in the end it is just a tool. Another part that people seem to forget is the post processing, I spend as much time looking and correcting images on my Mac as I do shooting. I love post processing, there’s a very fine balance which takes a long time to understand, and that is when to stop editing, save the image and move on. When you first enter the world of editing it is very easy to turn every dial to the maximum and get carried away, as I probably did for years.

showing how much difference some good editing can do for some digital property images

For those out there who have spent time on Photoshop or other editing software it is definitely possible to pick flaws in this image, I can do it now, (I took this 2 years ago) but for the majority of people the above image I hope just looks exciting and a bit different (which is difficult to achieve when photographing many real estate properties!)

a traditional building converted to apartments near ladybower in the peak district

Another time editing comes into it’s own is in winter, when the sun isn’t around as much as I’d like and you get long periods of grey. A moody sky can be a great asset for some projects, but when you want to sell a property it is definitely a faux pas, so getting good at putting in a blue sky that looks natural can take some time and practice. There’s a lot more to photography than just spending £10,000 on a load of good equipment (although don’t get me wrong, I’m always looking forward to my next lens or body!) it’s about practice, and, dare I say it, a bit of natural ability?

{26th Oct – Valencia, Spain}

Traipsing my equipment through security, fitting it all into hand luggage meant sacrificing clothing for the chance of some good shots. After 2 days of wandering around the city I hadn’t found anything that inspired, so on the last day I went all out and went hunting for some good shots, hopefully it paid off.

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in valencia has some great buildings including this symmetrical panorama of the science museum

a reflection on the man made lake at Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias in Valencia Spain at night

Veles e Vents is a building built for the American Cup yacht race in Valencia by architect David Chipperfield

Valencia town hall with it's ornate details and huge chandeliers was a challenge to shoot between all the visitors

{21st Oct – Sheffield at night}

Getting paid to get some shots I’d wanted to get for a long time is always convenient, and this was one of those occasions. However having to get away from a dodgy bloke with my equipment intact wasn’t how I envisaged it…

a night panorama of Sheffields city sky line, using a long exposure and stitching the pictures in photoshop creates a nice effect

using a 17mm canon tilt shift lens enabled me to create this great shot of Sheffield's peace gardens in the centre of the city

{1st September – a wander through london town}

I thought it was about time to get some images for myself, so I spent Tuesday walking around what felt like the whole of London, shattered afterwards but hopefully came away with something impressive…


London, Kingscross, Kings cross, Architecture, Black and white, B&WIMG_9797

{4th August 2015 – Shoot for Made.com}

Another shoot for Made, this time in Doncaster, very different property, new challenges but hopefully captured the feel of the more traditional house.


exciting property shoot for Made.com in a family home in Yorkshire was a great challenge especially the post work on these reflections

{11th July 2015 – Shoot for Made.com}

I was asked to visit Chesterfield to photograph an interior designers new house, was a great opportunity to have creative license


shooting an interior designers home in Chesterfield, derbyshire gave me loads to go for.

{ 24th April 2015 – Real Visual’s 1000th property shoot! }

After 2 years of shooting properties we reached number 1000, was a great milestone and looking forward to seeing where it all goes from here!

modern million pound open plan house in Sheffield, with some great touches including the huge fridges and windows

{ 10th Feb 2015 – Beautiful renovated school }

After photographing so many properties it’s fantastic to get something a little special to spend time on.

a refurbished school renovated up to a very high standard was a great piece of work and very interesting to photography

{ 11th April 2014 – Sheffield Telegraph }

Front page of the property section includes my photograph for a fantastic property in South Yorkshire, shame the images are
low resolution, but still happy to have more images printed.

Sheffield Telegraph property newspaper used my images on the front cover of their newspaper on a concept house in Lodgemoor

{ 3rd April 2014 – Lancashire and Cheshire Life Magazine }

Two magazines have just published a piece about Diane Berry Kitchen’s brilliant kitchen design, including my photography.

Diane Berry May 14

{ 22nd February 2014 – Westside Magazine }

Regional Magazine, Westside published an article this month about ELR a company I work with regularly, and included some images
from a recent shoot I did to promote their new look and office.


{ 2nd February 2014 – Diane Berry Kitchens }

A slight change from the normal house shoots was a trip to Hathersage in the Peak District to photograph a fantastic kitchen
designed by Diane Berry Kitchens of Manchester.