As well as still image I can offer a unique insight into a property via the power of a high definition video tour. Moving image shows a property’s highlights, gives the viewer a sense of being at the property or location, and shows life style that’s on offer.

Using a variety of techniques and equipment, I can show the details that could be the clincher for getting the potential buyer to view your property, such as showing off the flora and fauna, the materials, as well as giving the sense of space and light.

The videos will be individually tailored to the prospective buyer, be it a traditional Georgian house, or a an ultra modern penthouse apartment, the music and feel will be designed to suit the mood of the property.

As well as property for sale the video's are a good way to show customers the size and quality of your work place, whether it's industrial, creative or just quirky. You may have a hotel, B&B or holiday home that would benefit from showing someone a sense of what it would be like to stay with you.